Monday, March 23, 2009

Ten K, musical fusion.... and relief to boot!

So proud right now!

My sister, brother, cousin and bff have started a band... yes its been in the making for a few years now, but at the advent of my 21st this coming April I decided to see whether I could coerce them into getting it together seriously to play for the crowd.

Things got off to a shaky start, I will admit.
For a while there I thought they weren't gonna pull it off!
I recruited myself as band manager (aka whip cracker, ranter, major bitch-head- this is only because I have no musical talent other than a serious music appreciation) and thus I can't say I had the sunniest disposition at any of the rehearsals.... until tonight!

I don't know what happened but it seems as though all of a sudden they've gelled- and in the most amazing way. The songs sound brilliant- the covers AND the original ( the bff came up with the riff at the very 1st rehearsal just mucking around, the cuz came in with a beat- and musical history was made- my sister and I spent a day coming up with a melody and lyrics- then the bro came in with some killer lead breaks!)

I can now sleep at night- its been bugging me a little- I don't want them making fools of themselves up there... but now I know for sure it wont happen. They are going to blow minds- not many know, and those that do kinda think it's a joke, so this will really
stick it right up 'em!

So I salute u Ten K... and thank you eternally.
This will be a birthday to remember- not only for the night, but also for the memories of a collective journey leading to it.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Up and running!.. or Out and About??

I guess I'm a little late in getting on and getting out there! But as they say better late than never!

I find there are times when I'm sitting- it may be at work, or at uni, or even at home just before bed while reading a book, and my mind drifts off... I find myself just wanting to shout out all the things running around in my head- its like there are sooo many things happening in there- they may not even be a reflection of the events in my life- its just that there is so much going on, so much we experience (even indirectly) that my brain goes into meltdown. All those things which were neatly stored flow into the 'mental agora' and swoosh around all fighting for my attention.

Yes, I know this sounds crazy- but its a serious affliction!

I feel as though the way to ameliorate this is to get it out- just get it out of there and on here. So I warn you- this may be a very varied and somewhat disjointed blog. One week you might see something about the girl I saw walking down the street the other day, and the next thing you know I'll hit you with some deep philosophical thought.

Arrgh... the wonders of a sparse mind.... :)